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Nutrition &
support for all bodies.


At Glow Group  we support individuals to build a healthy relationship with food and body, through intuitive thinking and a gentle approach to nutrition.

We offer services at our clinics located across Greater Sydney and Adelaide, as well as consults online or in the comfort of your own home.

Our team of Dietitians are highly skilled and specially trained in the evidenced-based nutrition management of both adolescents and adults. As Accredited Practising Dietitians we understand that health looks different on everybody, and are passionate about providing inclusive nutrition for all bodies.

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The Glow Philosophy

Inclusive Health Care is Important to Us

Body Inclusive

We practise using a health at every size (HAES®), size inclusive framework, meaning we focus on health outcomes important to the individual, not weight.

Trauma Informed

We are aware that everyone’s nervous system is wired differently, and do our best to create as safe as possible space for all our clients.

Neurodiversity Affirming

We appreciate that how neurodivergent individuals relate to food is not a problem to be ‘fixed’. Our aim is to help our clients utilise their strengths and lived experience to explore how food can best fit into their lives.

Health Care Partners

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A beginner's guide to nourishing yourself without the food rules.

This four step guide will help break you free from food rules and reclaim the space within your mind and self to enjoy the fullness of life

You will learn to reconnect with your body and trust your body’s inner wisdom to make choices around food that will help you go and glow.