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Safer Space Program

A Glow Group Financially Inclusive Program

Our Safer Space program was built to support clients who may not be able to afford Dietitian support otherwise. We believe every BODY has the right to comprehensive and inclusive nutrition care, no matter their age, race, gender, income or ability level.

How it Works

1 Hour Initial Assessment

Our Safer Space Dietitian will complete a comprehensive 1 hour initial assessment with you to understand your nutritional needs and current relationship with food.

Follow Up Sessions

You will then be allocated 30 minute follow up sessions (pending the number of sessions allocated by your GP).

What do I need to do to join the program?

We simply ask you speak to your GP and set up a referral through the Medicare Chronic Disease Management Pathway,  Enhanced Primary Care Program or Eating Disorder Plan Pathway.

From there, you may book an appointment with one of our Safer Space Dietitians.

Both in-clinic or telehealth sessions are available. 

Sounds great. How do I book?

To be a part of our Safer Space Program we ask that youcontact our team to assess your eligibility to this service.

Please mention the SAFER SPACE PROGRAM when enquiring, so our team knows how best to support you.

Please note we currently have a waiting list for this program.

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