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Eating Disorder Resources

We appreciate that it may be difficult to find reliable and easy to digest information about Eating Disorders and the process of acquiring an Eating Disorder Plan. To make things clearer for you, we have collected some resources that may be of use.

Intuitive Eating Questionnaire

Intuitive eating is a framework that can help support individuals to develop skills and insight around nourishment without dieting. At Glow Group we are able to help you navigate this was of eating and relating to food. The Intuitive Eating Questionnaire was developed to help capture how much of an intuitive eater you are. You may choose to use this resource to reflect on your current relationship with food and your body.

Medicare Referrals

At Glow Group we see clients for a range of nutrition related concerns. We are commonly asked by our clients if their condition makes them eligible for entry into the Medicare rebate system via a chronic disease management (CDM) plan. For information about who is eligible for a CDM plan and what form your GP will need to complete for the Dietitian, see below.

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