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Support for Referrers

Glow Group Health & Wellbeing

Glow Group Health and Wellbeing is a Dietitian Service built to support healthy relationships with food and body. We offer nutrition assessment and support at our clinics located across Greater Sydney and Adelaide, as well as consults online or in the comfort of your own home.

General Nutrition Referrals

At Glow Group we see clients for a range of nutrition related concerns. We are commonly asked about what the referral process looks like for clients who may be eligible for chronic disease management (CDM) plans. For information about how to set up a CDM plan with your client, read below.

Eating Disorder Referrals

At Glow Group we are passionate about client with Eating Disorders and disordered eating receiving safe and timely care. We appreciate it can be difficult to stay up to date with the diagnostic criteria and warning signs of Eating Disorders. For this reason we have listed a range of resources that can help health and medical providers increase their awareness of the presentation and treatment options available for clients with suspected Eating Disorders.

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