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The War on (Food) Waste & Intuitive Eating

If you feel super strongly about not wasting food, it can be interesting when delving into the world of intuitive eating, and trying to focus on your hunger and fullness cues.


Many of us have been taught to clear our plate, and to ensure we eat the snacks offered to us, as not to waste them.


Fortunately, we can be mindful of both.


– Meals can be saved for later.
– Things can be frozen.
– Ingredients can be repurposed.


It is also ok to say “no thank you” to that lovely Aunt who always offers you that extra serve of lemon meringue pie if you really don’t feel like it. Tupperware is our friend in this case.


On the flip side, if you do want the lemon meringue that’s ok too!


The joys of intuitive eating!

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