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Body Positive Bubbles: How to build safe spaces while healing your relationship with food and body.

I am so excited to share this with you, as it is one of my favourite tools to use with clients as they work their way through their intuitive eating journeys.

As we begin to explore food through a different lens, it starts to become about taste, social connection, listening to our bodies, and that oh so important satisfaction factor. This is exciting!

However, as with all new adventures, this journey can also be a little challenging – like all activities that push us out of our comfort zones.

So, what do we do when we’re a little nervous but determined to proceed all the same?

We add a little safety net, or perhaps more appropriately, some bubble wrap… as we work our way through this new way of thinking.

What is a body positive bubble?

A body positive bubble is a safe space that we create to develop and hone our intuitive eating skills. Whether this is your first time looking at your relationship with food and body, or you have been working away at it for a while, a body positive bubble can support you through the process.

Inside our bubble

On the inside of our bubbles we keep the supports and resources that serve us best during this time.

Which may or may not include for you:

Supportive Partners, Friends or Family

Body Positive or Body Neutral Media or Books

Mindfulness Tools such as meditation, yoga, or journalling

Supportive Health Care Practitioners: Such as a trusted GP/Psychologist/Dietitian/Other Health Care Professional

Your Goals and Aspirations (Outside of Food, Body and Shape).

Outside our bubble

On the outside of our bubbles we place anything that is unhelpful, unsupportive or triggering.

Again, which may or may not include for you:

Unhelpful or triggering media or books… such as certain instagram pages, facebook groups or magazines.

Unhelpful or triggering conversations… such as diet talk in the lunch room.

Unsupportive or triggering exercise environments… such as gyms that encourage 12 week “detox” challenges, or trainers who focus solely on weight or shape.

Unhelpful or triggering electronic devices… such as apple watches, and fitbits.

Unsupportive or triggering health professionals… there is NO place for shame or blame.

Although simple, the body positive bubble allows us to assess our environment, and build a gentle and protective barrier as we explore new and exciting experiences.

As always, if you are wondering where to start, reaching out to a Non-Diet Practitioner is a great place to begin or re-kindle your food-body journey.

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