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Helpful Reminders This Holiday Season: To maintain a positive relationship with food

The Holiday period is a time that can have a different meaning for everyone. Typically some core values of this season (for most) are enjoyment, celebration and being connected to those around you.

Unfortunately, over the years this has become a challenging time thanks to the powers of diet culture. So if you are one to struggle with your relationship with food, particularly around the holidays, then perhaps this list is for you.


Helpful Reminders for the Holidays:

  • Prioritise food satisfaction, and satisfaction of meal occasions.
  • Be aware of your inner critic or food police who may appear more than usual.
  • Where possible, try to challenge your food police thoughts and break away from these food rules.
  • Remind yourself that it’s OK not to eat according to her hunger and fullness cues all the time and still be an Intuitive Eater.
  • Remind yourself that there is no advantage to skipping meals or “saving yourself” for the main event of the day. This will only set you up to eat for survival, rather than enjoyment or satisfaction.
  • Remember that you have the right to satisfy your needs whether they are food or other.
  • You also have the right to set boundaries around food and or body talk during such events. Whether these a verbal boundaries (e.g. changing the topic, politely asking to not participate in the conversation) or physical (e.g. removing yourself from the situation).
  • Prioritise self-care if you are able to, and as you might need throughout this time.
  • Finally, know that you are not alone but you are doing your best and you are worthy.


If the holiday period is a time that you may find extra challenging for whatever reason, it could be helpful to reach out to your therapist, counsellor or trusted health care practitioner.

Otherwise, take a moment to sit with yourself after reading this list. Does it sit well with you or do you think you’d need help applying it to your life? Or are you not sure where to start just yet?

Might be worth considering reaching out for support from a Health at Every Size® aligned Non-Diet Dietitian like us at Glow Group, to support you through your journey.

Best wishes this Christmas and have a safe and wonderful new year.

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