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What to expect in your first session with a Body Inclusive Dietitian

At Glow Group we are huge advocates for finding health professionals that are the right fit for you, and like a psychologist or your GP, finding a Dietitian that fits your needs is so important. 

To assist in your decision making, we thought it might be helpful to detail down what you can expect in a first session with one of Glow Group’s Body Inclusive Dietitians. 


Before your first session

Prior to your first session you will be sent an online form to complete which includes questions about your health and wellbeing, as well as a nutrition questionnaire. 

The more information you can provide before your initial consultation, the better prepared your clinician will be to understand your intentions for the session.  

Depending on the reason you are visiting, you may also like to bring along any recent blood results, or a doctors letter/referral (if you have one, please note this is not required and you can still see our Dietitians without a referral). 


During your first session

We use the time in our initial meeting to get to know you, and understand your own individual story. 

We will discuss your reason for coming in, and will also complete a comprehensive assessment to ensure we are providing a tailored and individualised service for you. 

With your permission, we will also explore: 

  • Your personal health and medical history 
  • Your digestive health 
  • Your eating patterns 
  • Your exercise and activity levels 
  • Your thoughts and feelings about food 
  • As well as your thoughts and feelings about your body 

 For some people an initial assessment may be completed over 2-3 sessions. 

 Depending on your presentation, at the end of your visit, we may ask you to: 

  • Commence a food journal 
  • Monitor your thoughts and feelings around food 
  • Try an activity or self assessment at home 

Or, you may receive:  

  • An information resource 
  • An article or book recommendation 
  • Or, some simple initial dietary strategies 


A little note on meal plans:

Many clients naturally believe they may receive a meal plan or meal guide during their initial session with a Dietitian. At Glow Group we value safe and healthy relationships with food and body, and as such, your Dietitian will discuss whether a meal plan is the right fit for you over the coming sessions.  


After your first session

Based on your assessment, we will schedule your follow-up visit, which will typically be within 1-2 weeks. 

We may also write a letter to your GP or another health professional such as your Psychologist. 

Lastly, we will always check in with you to see if the session met your needs, and whether there is anything you might like to focus on during our next meeting. 

A session with any Dietitian should leave you feeling heard and understood. Take the time to seek out someone who is the right fit for you.  

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