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Picnic Ideas For a Fabulous Summer

It’s getting hotter (but not too hot) so it’s a perfect time to get out those picnic rugs and get out with loved ones to soak up some vitamin D and delicious food and drink.If you are around the Sydney area, below are some quick links to search some top picnic areas. you find the area, next step is to plan what food to pack. Below are just a few ideas to help you out:

Your favourite fruit for something quite refreshing. You can even make a fruit salad and add some passionfruit pulp for extra zing. Even serve with a plain yoghurt

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You can make your own quiche or frittata  with your favourite ingredients. Even making them in muffin tins can be an easier way to share around

Build your own antipasto plate with some cured meats, cheese, dips, crackers, Turkish bread, olives, pickled veg, plain veg and even dried fruit

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Some salad ideas to match your meals could be: pumpkin and feta with pine nut, tabouli, watermelon mint and feta, haloumi salad, chicken Caesar, cous-cous salad, garden salad or Greek salad (these are just a few options)

You can get creative with a cob loaf- have a search on the net for all different varieties!

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You might like to build your own wraps, sandwiches or burgers. This can make sharing easier and gives people the opportunity to chose their favourite ingredients and fillings

If you are a lover of meats and there’s going to be a BBQ (pack your knife, chopping board, foil, oil, paper towel or whatever you need) to hit the BBQ and cook up some meat. A BBQ can also be a great place to cook up some veggies, onion, corn cobs, potato jackets… all those classics

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If there’s no BBQ access at the picnic area, consider cooking up some meat before hand and keeping it hot (wrapped in foil). Slow-cooker recipes can be quick easy and handy for these occasions. For example a pulled pork or shredded chicken breast

Don’t forget dessert if that’s your thing, or your favourite drinks- whether it is alcohol, or non-alcoholic. Have a go at even making your own mocktail/cocktail

Hope this gives you a few ideas! Happy picnicking everyone!

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