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Positive non-diet intentions for the new year

Positive non-diet intentions for the new year

We aren’t big fans of New Year’s resolutions here at Glow. We find they are often based on things people feel they need to ‘fix’ or change about themselves. Which is why we would like to encourage you to try make some positive non-diet intentions instead.



💛 I will make time for self-care each day

Block out a few minutes each day to take care of yourself. This could look like taking more mindful breaks throughout the day, making yourself a soothing cup of tea, going to bed half an hour earlier etc.

💛 I will develop a toolbox of coping mechanisms for when I’m feeling stressed, anxious, upset etc.

This could include guided meditations, baking something you enjoy, doing a fun activity with a friend, watching an episode of your favourite TV show, journaling, making an appointment with your therapist/counsellor/psychologist etc.

💛 I will focus on participating in movement that makes me feel good

This could look like trying different forms of movement throughout the year to see what feels fun and joyful for you. That might be a run or gym class some days, and on others it might be a short stroll or yoga flow. Notice how different movements feel for you.

💛 I will be critical of diet culture and diversify my social media feeds

Gradually work through unfollowing, unliking, unsubscribing to content that is promoting unhelpful ideas that make you feel like you need to change your body or food choices. Try following a diverse range of content that uplifts all bodies, including different shapes and sizes, genders, abilities, ethnicities, cultures and more.

We have a list of body positive Instagram accounts, books and podcasts here.

💛 I will provide my body with nourishment, rest and movement in a way that makes my body feel good

We appreciate that exploring some of these concepts in a blog can be complex. If you are noticing this blog or time of year brings up challenges for you, please consider reaching out to a non-diet Dietitian, trusted GP or mental health practitioner.

Reach out to one of our Accredited Practising Dietitians here.


Written by Andriana Rudnytski, Accredited Practising Dietitian.

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