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Health at Every Size – The Basics

A Guest Piece by our wonderful Content and Food(ie) Coordinator Eliza Khinsoe

The Health At Every Size®, or HAES approach is a topic that I’m particularly passionate about. When I first came across the concept while at uni, I had one of those lightbulb moments of “yep, this is what I want to do”, and it completely changed my life. It revolutionised the way that I think of health, and made me much more driven to not only look after my own health more effectively, but to be a better health practitioner.

Like any good scientist, I thought that before I start talking about it more, I should get my definitions straight. So today, we’re talking all things HAES.

Health At Every Size – A thought process

Health At Every Size, put simply, is the rejection of the concept that a person’s health can be measured by the size of their body; it is an approach to healthcare that strives for inclusivity, respect and health from a place of self care.

HAES is the notion that all people, regardless of body size, deserve access to healthcare which does NOT discriminate, and provides effective treatment for the presenting issue.

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