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Why I won’t post “fitspo”

You will not see before and after shots, weight loss “fitspo” or transformation pics on this website.

Why? For one, it is unethical for me to do so as a health practitioner (although that’s another story), BUT I also think there’s a lot in regards to health that can not be shown in one little photo.

When people choose to work on their health it’s important to accept that some people may need to gain weight, some may lose weight or some may stay right where they are.
This is not to say they have not improved their health – they could be eating more vegetables, moving in a way that makes them happy and their cholesterol may be down. All things we can’t see through a camera.

So if you are looking for transformation posts, I am sorry, I’m not your gal. But if you are looking for a compassionate space to chat about health, food and the occasional hilarious meme then jump on in.

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