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The Glow Philosophy

The Glow Philosophy

Glow Group Health and Wellbeing is a Dietitian Service built to support healthy relationships with food and body. We offer nutrition assessment and support at our clinics located across Greater Sydney and Adelaide, as well as consults online or in the comfort of your own home.

The Glow Philosophy

Your Story Matters

Glow Group understands that listening and learning from you is the most valuable component of our work together. We are committed to providing unique support to each client we see, without making assumptions.

Food for Life

Glow Group practises from the perspective that food should not only help meet your physiological needs, but also be a satisfying and a healthy part of social and emotional occasions. Developing a healthy relationship with food helps to reduce tension around the eating experience, a skill that we can help you nurture.

Focus on Health, Not Shape

Glow Group believes health is not a size, but rather, a spectrum, shaped by not only your physical health, but also your mental, social and emotional wellbeing. At Glow Group, we move the focus away from the scales and work with you to improve measurable health outcomes, whatever that may mean to you.

You Know Your Body Best

We view ourselves as a point of guidance for you. We can bring our evidence base to help offer you trustworthy information, when you are ready and interested. You can bring your curiosity and willingness to experiment. Together we can work towards a greater connection to your own body wisdom.

A Safer Space

Glow Group was founded as a safer space for you to feel heard and validated in your health care journey. We aim to hold a space for our clients where safety is prioritised. We are determined to provide gentle and accessible nutritional care for all bodies.

Inclusive Health Care is Important to Us

Body Inclusive

We practise using a health at every size (HAES®), size inclusive framework, meaning we focus on health outcomes important to the individual, not weight.

Trauma Informed

We are aware that everyone’s nervous system is wired differently, and do our best to create as safe as possible space for all our clients.

Neurodiversity Affirming

We appreciate that how neurodivergent individuals relate to food is not a problem to be ‘fixed’. Our aim is to help our clients utilise their strengths and lived experience to explore how food can best fit into their lives.